Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I have decided to throw my hat into this Illustration Friday thing. It's silly looking, but I guess this is the best way for me to show my idea of friendship. I don't want to hear anyone laugh. If I do, I'll find you and hurt you. :) But seriously folks, I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

If you need a good laugh...

Mandy is just to funny. She holds this book up to her mouth and goes "mmmm". This is her way of copying the therapist when she smells the pictures. She is a funny girl.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Missing old friends

On and off I've found myself thinking about old friends. I've been lucky enough to find most of them, but there is still one that is lost to me. Her name is (or was the last I knew) Tracey Perrault. We both went to Lakewood High class of '91, spent most of our free time hanging out with each other. The last time I saw her was back in '93 when I flew out with her mom to see her (ahh I still remember Vegas). Foolishly, I lost touch with her (I blame myself for that), and have been unable to find her. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone reading this knows her or someone from her family, please ask her to get in-touch with me. Remind her of our Def Leppard silk screened paper, my Labrador eating her sneakers, but leaving mine alone, and when I would ride my bike down Route 9 so we could hang out during the summer. Hopefully she'll remember.

The joy of NYC school buses and other things

Yes, today is Monday, which means getting up to get Joe off to school. After falling asleep on the couch Friday morning and missing his bus, I made sure that I was awake this morning. I was and had no problem getting him up and ready for school. At 7am, we all go outside to wait for the bus, which usually comes at 7:10am. Well, 7:30am comes around and still no bus. Annoyed and confused, we all come back inside to find out what happened to his bus. So I dial the number for the bus company, and it's busy. Ok I can understand that, so I keep trying. After a few redials, I got lucky and the phone rang....And rang.....And rang. 20 rings later and still no one answers. So now I have to rush and get Mandy dressed and fed before we take Joe to school. Luckily I made it and got him to school without a problem.

Now I decide that maybe since I was already out, I should pick up more milk for my little Mandy, which meant going to the slowest store in the world, Pathmark. I hate going to Pathmark because the people working there are a bunch of idiots, but it was close to the school and I was hoping that the would have everything that I needed.

Ok so now I'm happy, Joe is off at school and I got plenty of milk for my little Mandy, never imagining that I would have even more fun then most people do all day. The fun that I'm talking about is trying to park on a street full of snow. Here's silly me thinking that it's 9:30am, how hard could it be to find a decent spot. On most days this wouldn't be a problem, but since we still have mountains of snow on our street, parking has become a whole new adventure. I guess to make a long story a bit shorter, I can't wait till all of the bloody snow melts or someone at the DOT decides to plow our street when they reinstate the street cleaning rules.