Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How time flies

(I started writing this yesterday, but never got a chance to finish it.)
10 years ago, Tony and I met. God has it been ten years already? How time flies when your having fun. :) Oh boy have we had some fun.

I remember that day clearly. I had to work that morning, and of course, I got out late. So I'm rushing home, hoping that I'd get there before he did, but afraid that I wouldn't. I get to my street, when I see this red car pull up and park in front of the house. And what's my initial reaction? Aww crap he's early. :) I meet him in the middle of the lawn and after we said hi, he kissed my hand. That shocked me, no one had ever done that to me. We went inside and I showed him a book on Star Trek that my dad had, while I went to get changed. I must admit that at this time my heart was racing. My thoughts we ranging from 'oh my god he's here' to 'will he like me?'.

We went to Finnigan's for dinner and saw Pulp Fiction afterwards (probably not the best first date movie). I remember feeling scared and comfortable at the same time. Here's the weird and wonderful think though, when we went to dinner and the movie, we were getting to know eachother. After the movie, it felt like we had known eachother forever.

Now look at us, married for 7 years with 2 kids. I must admit, I never imagined this. :) But there isn't another man in the world that I rather be married to. Thank you my beloved.