Friday, February 03, 2006

Woah, looks like I disappeared for awhile

Hi all :) Ok it has been way to long since I have posted on this thing. So I guess this is the perfect time to start again. :)

I really can't say that anything has been going on. I have decided to take up knitting again and decided to learn how to crochet (a work in progress, trust me). I have two knitting project going on at the moment. One is a scarf that I started for my son Joe last year sometime and kinda forgot about. And the other one I really can't comment on at the moment. It is a surprise for a friend of mine. Once this person knows about it I will share it with all of you. But until then you are going to have to use your imagination (yes, I am in a brave mood today ;) hahaha).

I will try my best to post here on a semi-regular basis. And yes this time I really mean that. :)


At 9:10 AM, Blogger french toast girl said...

Welcome back!

Writing is good for the soul. And so is knitting! ;)


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