Friday, June 03, 2005

Isn't he cute :)

With the help of my husband Tony, I made a new signature for the clan. I must say, it worked out well. I was working at it yesterday, but was having problems getting the effect that I wanted. Yeah it may be a bit colorful, but that is half the fun of it. So here is it, my new Clan WNxSacred sig. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My muse

Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. Here is a quiz that tells you what your muse is. I must say, it is pretty close. :) Enjoy

Your Inner Muse is Urania

You are most like this muse of astronomy.

Your head is in the stars, and you look to the future.

You give off a heavenly, mysterious vibe.

And you're not too bad at predicting the future.

What Muse Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

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Here is a quiz that my sister-in-law sent me. Enjoy. :)

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart

Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

What City Do You Belong in? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
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Well I already have the Italian man at my side. Now all I have to do is go to Rome. :)

The Pandy is a sicky :(

My poor little daughter has once come down with another ear infection. I am just lucky that her doctor was open yesterday and I was able to bring her in. So once again, she is on Augmentin ES. Here I sit hoping that it will still work for her. If it doesn't, then they will have to put her on something stronger and probably look into having tubes put in ASAP. My poor little munchkin. I really won't know anything until I bring her back in 10 days. I'll let you all know how that goes.