Monday, January 10, 2005

Happy days are here again

Yeah, I got the replacement cd for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. This game is so cool, yet totally creepy at the same time. First you have a guy that attacks you with bloodied arm stump (just imagine using someone's arm for a melee weapon). Now I'm in a rundown haunted house. This place is just like these creepy horror movies with things flying through the air, ghosts' running through the place, and fun stuff like that. And here's me, someone who hates horror movies. :) If something scares me in real life, then it seriously scares me when I play a game with it. I remember one game that I was playing (the first Soul Reaver I think) that had vampire spiders. I couldn't even finish the game, because I hate spiders. Or I remember my husband playing Undying by Clive Baker. I was having nightmares from that game, which of course my dear loving husband found perfectly hysterical.

Just one little reminder. French Toast Girl is still auctioning off her painting, with all of the profits going to help the people that were affected by the Asian tsunami. Please help by placing a bid for the auction.


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