Friday, January 07, 2005

Why can't anything be simple

I purchased the import version of Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines from, and one of the CD's had a problem. After trying many of the fixes that I saw on the web and talking to the tech support guys at activision, I'm told that CD 2 was defective, and that I had to return it to where I brought it to get a new one. Well, since I brought the import version, I couldn't just go to my local Gamestop and exchange the disk. That would've been to bloody simple. Last Thursday I mailed the CD back to them, asking for an replacement. I was happy on Tuesday when I called GoGamer and they told me that they had gotten my disc and that the replacement would be sent out right away. Ok so sue me, I didn't ask what "right away" meant in their books, but to me, right away means just that. So here I was getting all excited that maybe I'd be able to play my game today, but the mailman came and no disc. Oh I was pissed. After much grumbling and complaining, I call them up to find out what was the stasis of my CD. Well these yahoos didn't mail it out till yesterday. I guess I can hope that I'll get it tomorrow, but I honestly don't see it coming until sometime next week. Come on people, I want to suck some blood. Ha ha


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