Friday, March 04, 2005

A very popular cookie

Ok, now that I have your attention. :)

You may have read earlier that I had submitted my website to a website ring hoping that they would admit me. Well, I've gotten a bit carried away with the whole thing. :) I've found a few more that I also applied to. So as of right now, I applied to 4 and 3 let me join. I still find it very funny that the first one that I applied to hasn't gotten back to me yet. But their nav bar shows up when you see what other rings I belong to. I don't understand it.

A small edit: Ok, I have seemed to go a bit overboard with these webrings. Umm.....I've applied to 8, 4 have let me join. I think that's enough. For today anyway. Ha ha

March 7th: Ok another small edit. One of the sites denied me because they don't take knitters. No biggie. 1 down 3 more to go.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger french toast girl said...

They DON'T TAKE KNITTERS!? What a strange thing to be exclusive about!


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